Laptop Battery Management Tools

In the case of battery-powered, sometimes we are dealing with important documents, if the laptop battery suddenly no electricity, and this is how embarrassing thing, may also cause a serious loss of important data, but will offer notebook power management software, which often An alarm function is also provided to allow the user to set the reminder mode when the battery is low and the battery is seriously low. Such as ThinkPad notebook built-in power management, users run the software, you can click on the "Global Power Settings" window "to enable low battery alarm", and then set the battery power supply drops to a certain time period (for example 10%) When the battery life was only 10%, the system issued an alarm to remind the user to save the data as soon as possible to prevent the battery from running out of power and causing the unscheduled work to be lost. 
Laptop batteries are consumable parts, use of time and discharge times more, their life and life expectancy is shorter, to this end for business users, it is also important for routine maintenance laptop battery, ThinkPad Power Manager provides battery data View and cell maintenance functions, in the "battery information" window, there is displayed information about the health status of the battery, voltage, temperature, retention capacity, time remaining, number of charge cycles, etc., so that the user reasonable routine maintenance, such as health displayed The red color indicates that the battery life is about to expire. Replace the battery in time. Yellow indicates that the battery has partially deteriorated and the user should pay attention. In particular to mention the number of charging, many users for the convenience of the diagram, sometimes with the battery connected to the power adapter to use, and each time you plug in the AC will automatically charge the battery, the more the occurrence of this situation, it indicates the number of battery charging The more, the battery life is seriously reduced. To facilitate the user's battery discharge, the software provides the battery charge and discharge limit function by clicking the “Battery Maintenance” button and then selecting “Custom” under “Charge Valve”. You can set when the battery is charged and discharged. If you do not want to remove the battery due to trouble, you can set the "Begin charging when the following value is lower" to 10% or less, so that even if AC is connected, the battery will not be charged.