Daily maintenance of laptop battery

When in daily use, keep the contact points on both ends of the laptop battery and the inside of the battery cover clean. If the laptop battery surface is dirty, wipe it gently with a soft, clean, dry cloth to avoid power drain. If you do not plan to use the battery for a long period of time or do not use it, you must remove it from the notebook, discharge it completely, and store it in a dry, cool place. In addition, try to avoid storing the battery with general metal objects (especially magnetic objects) so that the battery is not oxidized by metal or electromagnetic interference.
Regularly use the photocell to ensure full charging. If you need to fully use the power of the battery, the specific approach is: In the Power Management dialog box, select the specific power mode of Battery Drain, set all three of its Running on Batteries options to Never, so that the notebook is the computer will Continuous operation. Select this mode and then go to the Alarms tab and uncheck the Low Battery and Critical Battery warning check boxes (so that when the battery power is low, the machine will not enter the pause state). Next, let the computer run CPU-intensive tasks. For example, the computer will automatically run some complicated 3D demo programs so that the remaining power in the battery can be used up quickly. Of course, don't forget to unplug the AC when doing these things. plug.